“Surveying” is a contemporary art exhibition aiming to bring artists together around a reflection on architecture. These artists express their thoughts in an either philosophical or plastic way, without any feasibility constraints. Whereas architecture sets measurement rules, imposes political, social and planning constraints, artists have an infinite world of possibilities at their disposal. They start from scratch in order to build, create or synchronise their vision. They provide it with a means to read it, which is at times tangible, utopian, or poetic. “Surveying” proposes to look at architecture in a different light by offering the viewer the opportunity to grasp the artwork resulting from this interaction.The exhibition features artworks using various media. Video, painting, performing arts, drawing, sculpture and photography are the paths of dialogue chosen by these artists. 


Joachim Devillé, Gauthier Hubert, Renato Nicolodi, Cédric Noël, Christian Noirfalise, Johanna Weissenrieder.


25 April t 04 May
Preview and welcome drink Friday 25 April from 6 to 10 pm

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